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Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners (What Really Works In 2022)

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Blogging tips and tricks for beginners which really work and can be implemented right away. However a walkthrough to guide them into this tiresome and competitive business called blogging, this is our topic for today.

So, without much ado, let’s dive right into it.

In my early days in this business, I had no idea how to start a blog, how to write a blog post or how to choose less competitive niches for my blogs and dominate them. Due to my ignorance, I wasted a lot of time trying to achieve the impossible and got frustrated.

However, I was lucky enough to come across some experts in the field and had my strategy and knowledge expanded and changed.

How Many Blogs Are There in 2022?

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners

600 Million+


1.9 Billion


6 Million+

Blog posts Everyday

2.5 Billion

Blog Posts every year

Now, you have the numbers and should be aware of what you are to deal with when you start blogging and competing in this field. No worries though! With the following tips and tricks below, you will be well-equipped and fully ready to pave the way to your succeess and find your own place among the elite of the blogging field.

How Can I Get Better At Blogging?

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners
  • Master The Skills Needed
  • SEO
  • Be Patient
  • Study Your Competitors
  • Be consistent
  • Work Hard
  • Collaborate
  • Invest

Master The Skills Needed

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners

To be a better blogger and stand a chance to beat your competitors, you are suposed to have a set of skills which set you apart from other bloggers and make the difference when it comes to achieving success in this field. These skills can be summed as follows:

  1. Writing
  2. Marketing
  3. Communication
  4. Design
  5. Language


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blogging tips and tricks for beginners

SEO is the most important term when it comes to blogging. It does basically stand for Search Engine Optimization. However, it is the best way to drive massive targeted traffic to your blog and earn money. there are two ways of doing SEO:

On Page SEO

The technical things we apply on our blog or website to optimize it. It includes content optimization, internal linking and metadata, search analysis, keyword research and title optimization. However, website optimization in terms of speed and making it easier to crawl and index.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is everything we do to maximize the potential of success of our website and blog. Promotion and sharing content, linkbuilding and such things.

Be Patient

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners

Being a new blogger, you must be in a hurry and super excited to make a quick success and cash out once you write your first article. However, we don’t do that here in the blogging world. In this field, patience is necessary to survive. The results take time to be obtained and success may not be achieved the first 6 months nor the first year so one must take it easy and focus on growing and improving.

Study Your Competitors

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners

i would usually advise you to focus on yourself, your blog and don’t heed others. Nevertheless, time taught me to pay attention to my competitors so I can catch up with them. Analyze their success, don’t copy their content but make better versions of their articles, work harder and do more.

Be consistent

Right now, you are well aware of the fact that blogging is hard. Well, it doesn’t have to be. Be consistent and don’t fall for laziness and procrastination and you will see how successful you will be.

Work Hard

Blogging demands working hard and doing it the right way. Working hard doesn’t mean going hard on yourself, exhausting and draining your energy without a clear strategy. It simply means putting in a great effort with strategic planning and high quality work.

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners


It’s a competition, true. However, you don’t want to miss out on great opportunities because you want to work alone and don’t collaborate with others, because you don’t need help. You do!

Collaboration will be of much use for you down the road. Getting all the help you can get; will ensure you the success you are looking for.

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners


yes, you will have to invest. However, not only your money but your time and energy as well. Even if you found a good platform to blog for free, you will still invest your time and skills in order to make a success. You have to work and do it by yourself before you get to the point where you involve others.

What To Avoid In Blogging?

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners
  • Stealing
  • Scamming
  • Having No Strategy
  • Laziness


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blogging tips and tricks for beginners
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It is never okay to steal and copy content from other blogs and publish it as your own. They are bloggers, just like you. They have spent hours searching and writing, this is not fair.

Stealing will get you no where. Furthermore, you are supposed to provide your readers with original and valuable content. Make it unique and of use. Not another copy of already-published content.


Yes, we want to make money, a lot of it; that’s why we started blogging in the first place. However, in order to make money, you are bound to provide value and contribute. Don’t make it about what you are supposed to earn rather than what you ought to give.

Having No Strategy

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners

Blogging is a long journey and demands a well-planned strategy to thrive and grow. You can’t be just posting every now and then and calling it a day. Plan your content, your goals and study the whole process.


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blogging tips and tricks for beginners

You guessed it right. Laziness is bad. Not only for bloggers but it is generally a sign of failure and incompetence. Get rid of it and start working. Blogging is tough and you have to maintain your productivity lest you get bored or disappointed and give up.

What Are 4 to 5 characteristics Of A Successful Blog?

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners

To describe a blog as successful, we can consider it’s traffic, monthly income and it’s popularity as a measure of it’s success. However, I would describe a blog as a successful one if it has the following characteristics:

  • High Quality Content
  • Engaged Audience
  • Good Passive Income
  • Strong Brand Awareness
  • Positive Reputation

High Quality Content

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners
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Quality over Quantity. That should be the principle. High quality content is the first thing blog owners should be concerned with in their quest for success and growth. Well-written and researched content is likely to bring you the results wanted without having to drop a lot of low quality content just to feel like you are publishing a lot of content.

Engaged Audience

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners

Your content is your product and as long as it meets the requirements in terms of high quality and consistency, you are likely to get an audience. Furthermore, you have to ensure that your audience is getting value from your content so it will be an easy task to earn money with it.

Good Passive Income

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners

Be it from Ads, Affiliate Marketing or Info Products; a successful blog is supposed to have a good passive income. You might be blogging for years and still don’t make a penny. That’s why knowing how to make money from your blog is a good measure of success for you and your blog.

Strong Brand Awareness

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners

Successful blogs are successful businesses and have strong brands that people know and seach for. If your blog can be categorized in that respect, it is safe to call it a successful blog.

Positive Reputation

As a successful blog, it is expected that you get to have a good reputation voting for you. You are supposed to have a low scam rate and should be known in the field and recognized as an expert.

How Do Bloggers Get Popular?

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blogging tips and tricks for beginners
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In normal circumstances, all it takes it be popular is doing something people love to see, appreciate and something people consider as daring or too good to be done by ordinary folks.

Well, the same applies to blogging and bloggers. to be a popular bloggers, you are supposed to be seen as an expert and an authority in your niche and in the blogging field generally.

You have to be the one people go to to get their questions answered and get their needs fulfilled. However, getting massive numnbers of traffic and earning a lot of money might be enough to earn you such popularity in theis field.

What To Know Before Starting A Blog?

Blogging is a difficult task and one is likely to give up if he/she is not well informed respecting the challenges to be faced once starting with it.

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blogging tips and tricks

Before you start your blog journey you should consider the following:

  • A unique and easy to remember domain name
  • Good and affordable hosting
  • A good platform for blogging
  • Easy to dominate and profitable niche
  • Good content strategy
  • How to gain topical authority
  • How to do search analysis
  • How to do keyword research
  • When and how should you monetize your blog

More Details

More details related to this topic and how to start a blog. However, what we recommend you to start with.

How To Start A Professional Blog?

  1. Choose your Domain and Hosting
  2. Design Your Website
  3. Choose A Fast and Customizable Theme
  4. Install Essential Plugins
  5. Write Valuable Content
  6. Promote Your Blog
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blogging tips and tricks for beginners

Tips For Starting A Blog On WordPress

Starting your blogging journey with WordPress is a good choice. It will give you a plenty of options when it comes to customization and flexibility. However, you are advised to consider the following tps:

  • Choose Bluehost for hosting
  • Start with free plan untill you get to be familiar with blogging
  • Don’t install too many plugins
  • Set Your permalink earlier before writing a lot of content
  • Get Jetpack to backup your site and content
  • Choose a simple yet mobile responsive theme
  • Use images in your content and don’t forget alt tags

In Short Respecting Blogging Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Blogging is the best yet the most difficult way to build a business and make money online. However, if you implemented the tips and tricks we aforementioned; you are likely to see a success.

Now, it is your turn, dear reader; to tell us which tip you think would be of use and what other useful tips could we add to the list.

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