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Writing Skills (5 Best Ways To Improve Your Writing Skills)

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Writing skills are those particular set of skills which tell a particular writer from another. The very difference between writers and their level of expertise and excellence is measured by their writing skills. In this article, we will be sharing you, dear reader, 5 best ways to improve your writing skills to level up your writing and be the writer you are meant to be. However, we will start by writing few lines concerning writing skills, trying to answer the question below:

What Are Writing Skills?

    • Creativity
    • Flawless Language
    • Clarity
    • The Ability to take advantage of Imagination
    • Proper Ideation
    • Abundance of vocabulary
    • Knowing how to hook readers
    • Outlining the structure of what’s written
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Creativity (Writing Skills)

Writers are meant to be creative folks apart from anything else. They might inform, teach and entertain. However, their succeess does heavily depend on their creativity. A writer with poor creative means is nothing but a fella with a pen.

Writers should be able to create and make wonders with their pens. Without being dependant on what is available of informations, materials or ideas. They should be able to create anything from nothing.

Flawless Language (Writing Skills)

Well, I can’t take the mere idea of the existence of a writer who struggles with the very language he/she writes. How on earth are we to call him/her a writer!! Writing demands knowledge of many things and language is surely included.

Being excellent with the language you write, you will be able to create worlds and lives with the very ink of yours. Your words will be your mightiest means and your writing will have an official air about it. Worthy of being read and shared.

Clarity (Writing Skills)

We all chance to come across writers who waste time penning great ideas, beautifully written pieces of art just to end up driving readers nuts. Overthinking and complicating the process of conveying the message to the reader. However, overwriting and driving the reader to boredom with long dull written forms. What can be said in a sentence should be said in a sentence.

The Ability to take Advantage of Imagination (Writing Skills)

The same with creativity, writers should harvest their imagination and mine the great outcome it offers. You are highly advised to get inspired with your own imagination. Do not restrict yourself and chain your pen. Your creativity depends highly on how far you allow your imagination to take your pen and thoughts. Give your readers a glimpse of what your rich imagination gifts you.

Proper Ideation & Knowing how to Hook Readers (Writing Skills)

As a good writer, you should set yourself apart from random pen holders. I use this term to describe people who write just to write without paying attention to the structure of what they are writing. How to outline and shape their written pieces, how to order and draft their ideas and most important of all; how to make their written pieces readable and enjoyable.

It should concern you, being a good writer. You should outline your work and organize your ideas accordingly. Furthermore, you have to acquire excellence when it comes to giving your readers a good reason for reading your work.

Abundance of Vocabulary (Writing Skills)

As creativity and usage of imagination give you more flexibility, having a good glocery of vocabulary would definitely make the difference. Just fancy how easy and fun would it be, when you get to be able to write the same idea with different ways. When you get to be able to convey your message in more than one tone and a way.

Being limited with your vocabulary, you are yet to be a writer, no doubt. As a result of your limitations, your readers will be limited and deprived as well. However, they will get to be bored to death granted you are using the same words over and over again.

5 Ways to Improve your Writing Skills

    • Read and read alot
    • Practice alot
    • Make it simple
    • Get Inspired
    • Make peace with your failures

Read and Read alot

What has reading to do with improving your writing skills? Well, everytime you read, you get to be introduced to new ideas, new styles and get to broaden your own vocabulary. Make sure you read whenever possible. For that would be very beneficial to you in the long run. Your style, vocabulary and ideas depend on it.

Practice alot

Practice whenever possible. Excellence demands hardwork and continuous practice. However, to sharpen your pen and level up; you have to be practicing every now and then. That way, your flaws will be exposed and corrected. You will be used to the process and will know how to deal with anything related to it.

To succeed as a writer, you have to know how to overcome your writer’s block and other obstacles you are fated to encounter. With practice, you are surely to succeed!

Make it Simple

Being simple means clarity. No overthinking, no complexity and surely no vagueness and boring pieces of work. You are advised to keep it simple and speak to your readers with a language they would understand. They should find themselves through your lines, their own problems and worries should be approached by you. Shortly concluding, you should make it possible for them to understand you.

Get Inspired

Yearning for writing a long form pieces and expressing yourself thoroughly but you can’t bring yourself to write a single paragraph? That’s a real dilemma indeed and a solution must be sought. Nevertheless, experience suggests that you seek what gets you inspired.

There should be something. Be it music, art or beauty. Be it what it may be; you have to find your inspiration and stick to it. Without inspiration, you are likely to keep procrastinating and delaying untill you give up on the whole thing.

Make peace with your failures

Apart from being a writer, being a human being; suggests that we err and fail. However, our failures should fuel our determination and motivitate us even further to reach where we aim at. It is not okay to fail everytime you start, but it is healthy and better than being fooled with assumed short-termed success.

Final Words

To improve one’s writing skills, the following 5 things should be done and implemented in the process: Creativity, Clarity, Imagination, Having a good Vocabulary, Making things simple and readable. However, Practice, Inspiration and Making peace with failures and learning from them.

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  1. Make peace with failures, that is one bridge that seems to be taking too long to cross. Hopefully, I will get there in time. Also vocabulary, sometimes I am writing and the words seem to fall out of my ears and I get stuck trying to find better ways to say a particular thing or describe a particular scenario.

    1. You will definitely make it.
      What I found useful more than anything in this field, that’s writing; is practice. It may seem a bit a typical answer. However, keep writing and writing, edit later and try to target subjects you are passionate about.

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